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India m2m + iot Forum is a cohesive and shared platform, which validates united and collective vision of the global m2m and iot ecosystem. It is the most awaited annual congregation of m2m + iot stakeholders representing the entire ecosystem comprising of academics, analysts and researchers, enterprises and industry, governments – policy makers and regulators, industry associations and organizations, media organizations, standards organizations, the student’s community and above all the end users from businesses, citizen services and government.

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WELCOME to India m2m + iot Forum 2019!
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NEC is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies and brings more than 100 years of expertise in technological innovation to provide solutions for empowering people, businesses and society. Headquartered in Japan, NEC started operations in India in the 1950s, accelerating its growth through the expansion of business to global markets. NEC in India expanded its business from telecommunications to public safety, logistics, transportation, retail, finance, unified communication and IT platforms, serving across governments, businesses as well as individuals. With its Centre of Excellence for analytics platform solutions, big data, biometrics, mobile and retail, NEC in India offers innovative new services and solutions for India and global markets.



The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 28 member states that are located primarily in Europe. The EU has developed an internal single market through a standardised system of laws that apply in all member states in those matters, and only those matters, where members have agreed to act as one. EU policies aim to ensure the free movement of people, goods, services and capital within the internal market, enact legislation in justice and home affairs and maintain common policies on trade, agriculture, fisheries and regional development.



The overall objective of the EU-funded efforts on “India-EU Cooperation on ICT-Related Standardisation, Policy and Legislation” (2015 – 2019) is to promote closer alignment between India and Europe with regard to the production and use of ICT standards and to harmonise the exchange of statistical data, thereby facilitating trade, increasing interoperability and the ease of doing business for companies, and adding additional weight to European and Indian ICT standardisation efforts at the global level.



Sensorise is a Machine to machine Service Provider (MSP) aiming to Connect & Serve the different stakeholders in the IoT ecosystem, OEM's, Telco's, Application developers and the Users of these services. Sensorise is a firm believer of standards, and currently the IoT space is plagued by interoperability issues and closed verticals. Sensorise believe the efforts taken by OneM2M Alliance is a step in the right direction. Open API's and accessibility between verticals are required to build Smart Cities and ensures a Connected future.