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There has been an enormous and a rapid increase in the usage of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in India, with the growing awareness and creation of SMARTER CITIES + SMARTER VILLAGES and DIGITAL INDIA initiatives of the Government of India Programs for the developmental purposes.

With the increasing spread of Information Communication Technology (ICT), usage of disruptive and specialized technologies such as machine-to-machine (m2m) and internet-of-things (iot) is finding more attention from multiple user segments. Information dissemination about the latest technology advancements and developments, possible applications and usages, and integration with allied technologies has been playing a very significant role towards promoting and propagating usage of overall development of the society at large.

India m2m + iot Forum aims to highlight India as the ‘Manufacturing Hub’ for the m2m + iot industry where a wide range of high-quality and high-end engineering products, services and solutions could be sourced by the companies, organizations and governments of the world. The forum also aims at reducing dependence on conventional markets, develop domestic markets, create and develop partnerships and joint ventures, bolster one-on-one business relations and accelerate businesses between India and the countries of the world.

The forum provides a distinct platform for transcontinental companies to showcase their business propositions, innovations and capabilities to the potential buyers in on of the fastest growing country of the world ‘INDIA’.




>> Inaugural on -  ‘Smart Cities – Journey So Far’

>> Special Address - ‘Key Smart City Announcements by the Central and State Governments and Latest Updates’

>> Smart cities ceo’s + Industry Round table on; ‘Smart city – Business opportunities’

>> Driving Businesses via Smart City Projects

>> Implementations + Project Showcases – Highlighting the Use of Various Disruptive and Innovative Technologies (m2m + iot + GIS)

>> Industry Sessions on;

>> m2m + iot + GIS for Smart Governance

>> Smart Communications

>> Smart Disaster Management

>> Smart Energy Management

>> Smart Safety + Security

>> Smart and Intelligent Transportation System

>> Smart Sanitation + Waste Management

>> Smart Water Management

>> m2m + iot for Managing Command and Control Centres for Smart Cities’

>> ‘Geographic Information System (GIS) for Managing Smart Cities Infrastructures’

>> Inaugural on - Re-Inventing the Villages of India – Building Scalable Smart Villages in India

>> Plenary on - ‘Smart Villages – Business Opportunities’

>> Industry Sessions on;

Smart Villages – Economic Life Cycle

>> Smart Agriculture

>> Smart Irrigation

>> Smart Crop & Produce Management

>> Smart Agri-resourcing

>> Smart Market Systems for Villages

>> Village Cluster based Market Systems

>> e-Mandis

>> Smart Banking System

>> Smart Health Care

>> Smart Energy

>> Smart and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Smart Villages – Community Life Cycle

>> Smart Communications

>> Smart Education

>> Smart Law & Order and Justice Systems

>> Smart Entertainment & Social Activity systems for Villages

> The NEXT m2m + iot’an - poster presentations by students, researchers and scientists


> USER-PARTNER MEETs # m2miot ??

5th Edition India m2m + iot Forum 2018 | 30 - 31 January 2018 | India Habitat Centre I New Delhi | India

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5th Edition India m2m + iot Forum 2018
capitalizing connected world’
30 - 31 January 2018
India Habitat Centre I New Delhi I India

We are m2m2iotforum - one of the most prominent forum organized annually. Every year we are aiming to link you to the future.

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